We will find a freelance legal consult for you
Legal Interim Manager

Legal Interim Management

Appeal benefits

On a freelance legal consultant through Legal Interim Management within your firm or office?

Project support

  • Acquisition of or by your company.
  • Marketing new service/product.
  • New distribution contract.
  • Real estate project.
  • Review of your contracts, GT&C.
  • Compliance / GDPR.
  • Lack of specialized legal know-how.

Temporary reinforcement / replacement

  • No in-house legal department.
  • Expansion of in-house legal department.
  • Additional work.
  • Workload peak.
  • Specific expertise.
  • Temporary absence.
  • Search for permanent force takes too long.
  • Temporary support for your own in-house lawyer.

ROI of a freelance legal consultant through Steve Skills

We assure you a high ROI – Return On Interim – by:

  • Finding the right Legal Interim Manager, immediately deployable and
  • Specialized in your desired field (with references);
  • Within a short period of time;
  • At a transparent rate;
  • Through a smooth administrative process


For permanent recruitment, we work in two ways:
Interim management


  • You mandate us with a mission for permanent or temporary support.
  • We think along with you and deliver customized solutions: the right expertise for your current need.
  • We search within our extensive active network of screened talent with reference check.
  • No exclusivity, no advance payment.
  • Clear and transparent pricing.
  • Every candidate receives feedback, including those not retained.
Interim management


  • We present non-binding screened profiles with interest in your team, department, office.
  • Are you interested in a profile? We connect and communicate quickly and clearly.
  • Our terms of collaboration start as soon as the candidate is interviewing with you.
  • No advance payment.
  • Clear and transparent pricing.
  • We ensure fast and clear communication.
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