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Are you looking for a job?  

Are you looking for a job?  

Are you looking for a job?  

“Most rewarding part of the recruiting is impacting lives.”   says Bernard Van Steenberge, co-founder and Head of Business at Steve Skills.

Transitioning to a new job can make a big difference, but it also brings forth challenges and demands precious time. Our team of legal recruitment consultants (LRC), all of whom share legal backgrounds like yours, are experts of the legal market today.
We firmly believe that our success is intricately linked with yours. Leveraging our market expertise and network, we diligently identify and present you with unique opportunities tailored to your aspirations, accompanying you, saving your time and facilitating every step of the way. And the most rewarding part of this journey is seeing the impact in people’s lives.

1. Expertise in Legal Industry

Our experience in the legal industry, both as lawyers and recruiters, equips us with a deep understanding of not only the job market but also the specific needs and challenges encountered by legal professionals. As our LRC Emilie Essers said: “as an ex-lawyer, you know the world, you know the jargon and you can very easily empathise when a client or candidate asks or tells you things… I can ask much more specific questions or express reservations, and that’s purely because I experienced it myself.”
Leveraging our dedication and hard work in recruitment, we acquire extensive market knowledge in the legal landscape and translate it into your advantage. We provide you with information you cannot find on a job interview such as the details about the corporate culture, salary benchmarks, and career trajectories.

2. Our Network is a privilege

Networking is our full-time commitment, and we invest significant effort to cultivating and expanding our connections. We gain access to valuable information about the market and exclusive job opportunities that are not published. This gives us a distinct advantage in presenting the most suitable candidates for coveted positions.

3. We are your legal career advocates

Our role transcends mere recruitment; it’s advocacy from a different angle. We frequently intervene to safeguard your interests and achieve the potential of your profile, in many instances such as determining the right salary range for your experience.
Our clear and concise communication cuts through complexity, ensuring you are empowered and well-informed at every stage. With our open dialogue policy, we facilitate communication throughout the interview process. Our approach ensures that both parties can comfortably communicate with us in ways they may not feel comfortable doing directly with each other. This open channel allows us to manage both parties’ expectations correctly, eliminate the blur and leave no room for surprises.

4. We save you time

Recognising the value of your time, our efficient approach guarantees a thorough exploration of roles precisely matching your career objectives, facilitating effective communication and saving you valuable time.

We ensure the interview process is swift and smooth and feedback is transmitted instantly to both parties so as to clarify where everybody stands in each step of the process, till the closing and onboarding to ensure a healthy transition.

5. Companies pay us, not you

We begin with an informal meeting to understand your career history and preferences. If you’re unsure about your direction, we’re here to help you clarify your goals. From there, we compile your file and provide personalised guidance and matching opportunities- all of which are included in our services to our clients who are employers.

We only introduce you to law firms or companies when we are confident it could be a true match. Our priority isn’t the fee we earn; even from an opportunistic standpoint, it would be unwise to push for a mismatch. Doing so would damage our reputation and necessitate compensation.

6. Your Success is Our Business

“What energises me is receiving positive feedback from a candidate, knowing that they are happy and fulfilled in their role.” Catherine Weerts, legal recruitment consultant at Steve Skills.

Beyond securing employment, our commitment extends to fostering a successful and fulfilling legal career. Engage with us in building lasting success, where your achievements become our shared triumph. Aligning with our legal recruitment consultants means securing a dedicated partner devoted to advancing your legal career with professionalism, efficiency, and transparency.

Collaborating with Steve Skills means walking with a partner dedicated to your legal career success. Similar to your GP or doctor, we value regular communication to foster a strong understanding. If you ever desire a shift in your career path, we’re prepared to jump in.
We offer more than just job placements; we provide a healthy pathway to career advancement and fulfilment in the legal field. Our team is ready to support you at every step, from initial consultation to long-term career planning.