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Who We Are at Steve Skills

Who We Are at Steve Skills

Who We Are at Steve Skills


Founded by siblings Bernard & Caroline Van Steenberge, our journey is a blend of compatible academic and professional backgrounds—law, business, art sciences, and marketing. This unique mix shapes our empathetic and solid thorough approach to legal recruitment, where we prioritise the needs and aspirations of both our candidates and clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission at Steve Skills revolves around a simple yet profound commitment: to support and energise the careers of legal professionals and strengthen the legal departments of clients.

With #BoostingProfessionalEnergy as our guiding principle, we focus on being more than recruiters. We see ourselves as partners in your professional journey, helping professionals find the path that best aligns with their career goals and aspirations.

The achievement of individuals translates into the cultivation of stronger and more sustainable legal teams for our clients. By fostering a deep connection between individual aspirations and organisational needs, we contribute to the overall success and resilience of legal professionals and the teams or departments they serve.

Our Specialisation

We specialise in several key areas within the legal sector:

Lawyers: Connecting talented lawyers with the right opportunity that allows them to excel and make a significant impact in legal teams. Our consultants who have legal backgrounds can expertly guide lawyers through a range of options: whether you’re contemplating a change towards a more fitting law firm, aspiring to transition into the industry, considering delivering your expertise on a freelance base, or exploring alternative career paths, we’re here to assist you. Contact Ségolène Geeraert or Emilie Essers, our legal recruitment consultants specialised in this domain!

Legal Freelance: Providing flexible solutions for temporary or project-based legal needs. Are you interested in staying ahead with the latest trends and collaborating with legal freelancers as a company? Contact us for more infrormation and keep up to date about the legal talent sector.

Are you curious about becoming a Legal Interim Manager yourself as a legal professional? Explore what to expect from an interim role in our blog or check our freelance vacancies.


Permanent Positions: Focusing on long-term career matches for roles ranging from Legal Counsel to Compliance Officers, Managers, Paralegals, and more.

Legal Skills Academy & Career Advice: Committed to the ongoing development of legal professionals, this initiative supports career advancement and skill enhancement. Stay on top of your legal game and  checkout our content partnership with legal e-learning platform, Juriwise

Our team, with its rich experience in law and a genuine understanding of the legal industry’s dynamics, is dedicated to offering recruitment services that are as thoughtful as they are effective. We believe in maintaining open, honest, and constructive communication, which we consider essential in truly understanding and meeting the needs of our clients and candidates.

At Steve Skills, we’re here not just to fill positions, but to foster career growth and satisfaction in the legal field. Whether you’re starting your legal journey, seeking new challenges, or in need of the right talent for your organization, we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Do you have career questions or looking to expand your team: get  in touch with our consultants!

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