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What to Expect from a Legal Interim Management Role

What to Expect from a Legal Interim Management Role

What to Expect from a Legal Interim Management Role

The demand for Legal Interim Managers or Legal freelancers is on a remarkable rise, reflecting a transformation in the legal industry. This blog post will shed light on the distinctive and evolving nature of this career path, which differentiates itself from conventional legal positions, offering a blend of unique opportunities and challenges. Let’s delve into what it takes to navigate this field successfully.

Understanding the Role of a Legal Interim Manager

Freelance lawyers in Belgium are entrusted with a variety of responsibilities. Unlike permanent legal counsels focusing on long-term strategies within an organisation, independent counsels are often brought in for specific projects. They provide temporary legal resources and skills during periods of transition, crisis, or change within a business.

Legal Interim Managers offer a fresh perspective to rapidly evolving situations helping businesses facing crises or transformations; or handle daily legal advice, support various departments and manage employment law issues. You’re not just a legal expert: you’re a strategic saviour during turbulent times and a warrior steering day-to-day operations. This role requires rapid adaptation to diverse organizational cultures and legal issues, and a strategic mindset to deliver tangible value within a defined timeframe.

A Different Financial Landscape

One significant difference between permanent counsels and interim legal professionals lies in their remuneration structures. Freelancers, as independent contractors, often receive payment on a project or hourly basis, contrasting with the fixed salaries and benefits of permanent employees. This independence carries specific financial implications. In Belgium, freelancers, unlike employees with social security benefits and job security, must manage their tax obligations, social security contributions, and retirement planning independently. This calls for meticulous financial planning and often the engagement of an accountant to navigate the complexities of tax law and manage the irregular income streams characteristic of interim management. Navigating this financial landscape can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Steve Skills we’re here to simplify these complexities for you.


Qualifications and Skills: Beyond Legal Expertise

The role of a Legal Interim Manager demands not only a robust legal background and practical experience but also a suite of strong soft skills. Chameleon-like adaptability, effective communication, and swift problem-solving are paramount in this role. When tailoring a CV for interim roles, it’s crucial to highlight not just legal expertise but also these soft skills in action. Our team is committed to elucidating client requirements and guiding you to effectively demonstrate your suitability and strengths for the role, ensuring a seamless and impactful connection with your prospective clients.

The legal sector continuously evolves, necessitating ongoing skill development and staying abreast of advancements and regulatory changes. Participation in courses, certifications, or workshops, such as those offered through Juriwise, our content partner for online legal learning accredited by the Orde van Vlaamse Balies. Following these masterclasses is beneficial for both enhancing legal and managerial skills and securing new interim assignments.

Leveraging Technology: Essential Tools for Efficiency

For the independent legal professionals, efficient management of varied responsibilities is imperative. For streamlining workflow, you should embrace your digital tools. Time and project management software like Trello and Asana are instrumental in organizing tasks effectively. Accounting tools such as Xero and Exact, tailored to meet freelancers’ needs and simplify financial planning. You might also be interested to look into:

  • Henchman – for your contract drafting and negotiating workflow;
  • LawCloud – for cloud-based legal services;
  • Secib – for legal practice management;
  • Knowliah – for knowledge management;
  • LeyQi and PrivacyPerfect – for GDPR compliance.

Finally, to automate document management and contracts, Avvoka, Clausebase and ContractMill will be your first assistants, and for advanced users, automating workflows with platforms like IFTTT and Zapier can significantly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, boosting overall efficiency.

Securing Interim Assignments: The Art of Networking

Networking is a key component of success in interim management, but it’s not always straightforward. Expanding your professional network, whether through industry events, online forums, or collaborative platforms, is crucial, yet time-consuming and sometimes outside the comfort zone of many. This is where Steve Skills becomes invaluable, offering you the network and connections you might not yet have.

Building and nurturing professional connections will inevitably lead you to new opportunities. But before accepting an interim role, it’s important to thoroughly research the company and its culture. Understanding the expectations and project requirements from the start sets a clear course for success. In these roles, proactive problem-solving and effective communication with the hiring organization and key stakeholders are fundamental to achieving set objectives and milestones.

Embracing the Challenge

Launching a career in Legal Interim Management is an adventure filled with its own unique set of challenges, including the necessity for continuous learning and development and the independent nature of the role. For those ready to navigate these waters, we stand as your beacon, ready to support you with detailed insights.

Our commitment is to be an invaluable partner in your career advancement. Start your journey with confidence, equipped with the knowledge and advice you need to succeed in the constantly changing world of legal freelance, and for a deeper dive into getting started, don’t miss our comprehensive practical guide on how to begin your journey as a Legal Interim Manager.