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Starting as a Legal Interim Manager in Belgium: download your practical guide

Starting as a Legal Interim Manager in Belgium: download your practical guide

Starting as a Legal Interim Manager in Belgium: download your practical guide

For legal professionals in Belgium, transitioning into a Legal Interim Manager role presents an exciting opportunity. This career path allows for significant flexibility and the chance to apply your expertise across various industries and legal challenges. As a freelance legal professional, you’re at the forefront of providing crucial support to businesses during times of transition, growth, or legal complexity.

Embarking on this journey well-informed will help you navigate the complexities of establishing yourself as a Legal Interim Manager in Belgium, setting a solid foundation for your future success in this dynamic field. Remember, you don’t have to navigate this path alone. Our team is here to support you through every stage of becoming a Legal Interim Manager and continue to stand by your side as you grow in your new role.

Before starting your self-employed journey, it’s crucial to formalise your status through official registration. Below is only a sneak peek of the comprehensive practical guide we tailored for those considering a move into freelance career. Do not forgot to download our full toolkit “Starting as a Legal Interim Manager in Belgium: A Practical Guide” via this link.

Step 1. Choose Between Self-Employment as a Main or Secondary Occupation

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you will be self-employed as your main occupation or as a secondary occupation. This choice between full-time and part-time self-employment has significant implications for your social security contributions, tax obligations, and the benefits you may receive.

Step 2. Open a professional bank account

For self-employed, a professional bank account is essential for separating personal and business finances, simplifying accounting, and enhancing tax audit readiness. Choose a bank that aligns with your business needs, considering fees and services like credit and payment processing to support your operations efficiently.


Step 3. Choose your VAT regime

Selecting a VAT regime hinges on expected turnover: the normal VAT regime for higher turnovers allows VAT reclaims but requires frequent returns, while the small business scheme simplifies invoicing for those under €25,000 without VAT reclaim. You will also have to decide between monthly or quarterly returns. Partnering with Steve Skills provides not just help in dealing with these complexities but also comprehensive support and advice tailored to your unique situation as a freelance lawyer, ensuring you’re well-equipped for professional triumph.

Step 4. Register with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises

  • Prepare necessary documents
  • Choose your enterprise counter
  • Pay the fees
  • Submit your application
  • Receive your business number
  • Activate your VAT number

Step 5. Register with Social Security Fund

Registering with a social security fund is mandatory for self-employed individuals in Belgium. These contributions not only secure benefits but also offer tax deductions, reducing your overall tax bill. And do not forget about health insurance fund!

Complications for non-Belgian EU nationals and third country nationals

If you are a non-Belgian EU national or a third-country national, you must secure a professional card and a residence permit to work as self-employed in Belgium. It involves additional detailed applications and registration with local authorities.

Download your comprehensive ‘How to become a LIM’ toolkit!

Congratulations! After completing these steps, you are ready to start your new role as a Legal Interim Manager with confidence. Yet, this marks only the start of your journey. Exciting challenges await, from crafting your professional image to securing missions and maintaining financial compliance. There’s much more to explore. Don’t go it alone – reach out today, and let’s embark on this path to greatness together. For a glimpse of what comes next, stay tuned for part 2, or dive deeper and access the toolkit “Starting as a Legal Interim Manager in Belgium: A Practical Guide”.