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Meet Our Team: Mariia Paiushina

Meet Our Team: Mariia Paiushina

Meet Our Team: Mariia Paiushina

Mariia, Project Manager at Steve Skills – a natural problem solver and travel enthusiast, passionate about learning and discovering new things and deeply fond of her Abyssinian cat, Rosie 🐱🌍

She’s earned top honors with Bachelor’s and Advanced Master’s degrees from Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and Ghent University. 💼

From corporate and M&A lawyer to solo legal counseling at a tech startup, Mariia’s journey took her to Belgium for an LLM. Here, driven by insatiable curiosity, she conducted research at the complex intersection of AI and IP law. Now at Steve Skills, she blends her expertise, analytical skills and passion to help people find their dream jobs. 🤝

Let’s dive into Mariia’s world! 🚀


Q: What is your motto?   
A: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

Q: What is the quality you most like in a person?   
A: Honesty.

Q: How would your coworkers describe you? 
A: I have a simple answer to that: here’s a message from one of my beloved colleagues ➡️ “Good morning to my favourite technical wonder 😀”

Q: Would you describe yourself as more analytical or creative?   
A: A fortunate and unusual mixture of both.

Q: How do you unwind after a busy day?  
A: Cooking some nice food, meeting with friends, reading or watching a movie in a good company, doing hobby; even better if combined.

Q: What’s one hobby you’ve started since working here?  
A: I started practicing yoga and rediscovered my passion for pastry baking, crochet, and needlework.

Q: What’s a book you’d recommend (to everyone in the office)?  
A: 1984 and Flowers for Algernon. For the mind and for the soul.

Q: What is your favourite area of law?   
A: Legal issues related to Artificial Intelligence, Corporate law and M&A, Competition law, IP law, International private law – pick any, you can’t go wrong!

Q: What’s your favourite ‘work from home’ ritual?  
A: Starting my working morning with a cup of cacao in my fluffy Snuddie with corgies.

Q: Which historical figure would you choose as your mentor?  
A: Niccolò Machiavelli, Hedy Lamarr or Mikhail Lomonosov.

Q: How do you balance work and personal life?  
A: An interesting personal life by itself balances out your work life: having something exhilarating to come to after work will do the trick.

Q: What’s one thing you’ve learned from a coworker?  
A: Never assume what’s in other people’s heads.

Q: If your job had a theme song, what would it be?  
A: ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys. 😁 Joking… ‘Move’ by The New Six.

Q: What’s something your team doesn’t know about you?  
A: Up until the beginning of my senior year of high school, I intended to pursue a career in biochemical engineering.

Q: What’s a movie character that best represents your work attitude?  
A: A mix of Ben and Jules from The Intern, plus a pinch of Mike Ross from Suits.

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