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#MegaWattMonday with Stijn Claeys, Partner at Racine

#MegaWattMonday with Stijn Claeys, Partner at Racine

#MegaWattMonday with Stijn Claeys, Partner at Racine

At Steve Skills, we embrace #MegaWattMonday instead of #MondayBlues! You know when you hear an energetic song that sticks in your mind for the rest of the day and gets you rolling? That’s what it’s all about here: we invite people with a legal academic background to share a lyric from a song that invigorates them and kickstarts their week in line with our mission of #BoostingProfessionalEnergy.

This week’s guest: Stijn Claeys, Partner at Racine, with his MegaWatt:

“The lyric ‘Fôrets paisibles’ comes from the opera ‘Les Indes galantes’ by baroque composer Jean-Philippe Rameau. I saw a contemporary interpretation by L’Opéra de Paris at La Monnaie in Brussels and it struck me deeply. The opera-ballet was performed by dancers from the krump movement, a form of hiphop. It was unexpected, powerful, and energetic. I invite you to take a look here.

When I drive to the Racine office through urban Brussels on a Monday morning, listening to ‘Les Indes galantes’, the vibe and lyrics perfectly encapsulate my mindset at the start of a new week: “Forêts paisibles, Jamais un vain désir ne trouble ici nos cœurs. S’ils sont sensibles, Fortune, ce n’est pas au prix de tes faveurs.”

As Partner in Commercial and Distribution Law at Racine, I keep an energised and cool head. I focus and don’t let external factors trouble my mind. That’s what music does for me: it helps me switch into deep work mode, ready to deliver and find solutions.

Wishing you all a MegaWattMonday!