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#MegaWattMonday with Benoit Samyn, Partner at Monard Law

#MegaWattMonday with Benoit Samyn, Partner at Monard Law

#MegaWattMonday with Benoit Samyn, Partner at Monard Law

At Steve Skills, we embrace #MegaWattMonday instead of #MondayBlues! You know when you hear an energetic song that sticks in your mind for the rest of the day and gets you rolling? That’s what it’s about here: we invite people with a legal academic background to share a lyric from a song that invigorates them and kickstarts their week in line with our mission of #BoostingProfessionalEnergy.

This week’s guest: Benoit Samyn, Partner at Monard Law:

“I went to boarding school, and on Sunday evenings, I typically packed my suitcase for the week, preparing to leave early on Monday. Although I loved going to school, the Sunday night blues often set in while getting ready. But once I was at the train station on Monday morning, it felt like I was embarking on a trip, and the excitement for the new week took over.

The Sunday night blues still catch me sometimes. Just like in the old days, I now pick up my professional suitcase on Monday morning, put on ‘Magic in the Air’ by Magic System (suggested by my young daughter), and look forward to facing the challenges of the week ahead.

Comme d’habitude on est calé (oh eh oh)
Comme toujours ça va aller (ah ah)
On sème l’ambiance à gogo (oh eh oh)
Tous ensemble on fait le show

Wishing you all a great #MegaWattMonday!”